All recommendations below have been provided by former colleagues and partners on LinkedIn.

“John is one of the most accomplished marketing professionals I’ve had the pleasure of working with. There are many qualities that John possesses – but the two that stand out above the rest are integrity and a genuine desire to do the best for those who he works with. However, it is his abilities has as a negotiator that but puts John above others; not only his he highly skilled at this, he’s persuasive, creative, tenacious and above all he understands the art of communication and how to develop relationships.”

Phil McGuin, Director of Consultancy at Stickyeyes

“John is a great asset to any company. He has strong Marketing and Communications skills and has the ability to clearly show the benefits. He’s accountable, enthusiastic, thoroughly like-able and will go the extra mile to get the job done in the given timeline. I would not hesitate in recommending John to any organisation.”

Stu McGregor, Client Services & Operations Director at Twentysix Search

“I have worked with John as a partner of the iStrategy Conference in The Hague Amsterdam, and also working with him again for London. John has great attention to detail and is very thorough in his work. His negotiation skills are exceptional and it has been a pleasure working with him, pre and post conference. I look forward to a strong partnership in the next few years.”

Steve Shah, Global Strategic Accounts Director at GDS International

“John is a professional, hard-working and dedicated individual. He’s a real asset to the business and a joy to work with.”

Glen Conybeare, Chief Commercial Officer at Stickyeyes

“John is a talented and enthusiastic marketer with a great deal of experience developing and deploying outstanding PR, Marketing Communications and Events strategies in highly competitive environments. John’s a good team player and has exceptional negotiation skills,allowing him to get the best out of internal and external stakeholders alike. A pleasure to work with.”

James Bell, Strategy Manager at Stickyeyes

“John embodies all of the skills required to be successful in PR – he is a real people person with great communication skills and a passion for whatever he happens to be working on at a given time. He really works to get to the bottom of a story, to understand how he can make it relevant & interesting to the person/publication he is selling it to. On top of these crucial PR skills, John is a considerate team-player and has been more than willing to contribute his support on several of my campaigns that have not fallen directly under his remit. In short, John possesses many skills that cannot be easily taught, making him a great person to learn key PR/marketing skills from.”

Emily Goodyear, Account Director at Stickyeyes

“We are a supplier to John’s company, Stickyeyes, and he has been my main contact there. He’s extremely personable and adept at relationship management. He’s also a strong negotiator, ensuring he gets the best price possible for his firm, while also being careful to nurture the long-term relationship between our companies. A smart guy, who is a pleasure to deal with.”

Fraser McGruer, Director at Shadows and Light

“Having worked in the same company, I have witnessed first hand how John has managed to significantly raise our Company’s profile. Through his pro-active and creative abilities he has obtained excellent media coverage for the company and has also managed to organise opportunities for us to be presenters/speakers at world-wide business conferences. He is a great guy to work with, is an expert in his field and I would recommend him highly.”

Vivien Wilton-Middlemass, Head of Sensory Research at McCallum Layton

“John was my line manager at McCallum Layton. I consider his managerial style to be second to none in terms of delivering on time every time, getting the best quality out of his staff and motivating them (not just the people who report to him but also everybody around him). It’s been a pleasure to work with John and I have learnt a great deal from him which has dramatically changed my working life for the better.”

Daniel Renton, Managing Director at Absorb Media

“John has tremendous negotiating techniques and a real passion for working with people to create world-class brands. A fierce marketing strategist, John knows how to manipulate the marketing mix to truly leverage the best in class brand equity.”

Laura Morris, Director at Trinity McQueen

“John is perhaps one of the most proactive and persuasive people I have had the privilege to work with over the course of my career. He is never afraid to pick up the phone and with his direct but endearing manner has secured numberous PR and event based opportunities both for me personally and for others within the business. He’s also completely unafraid to negotiate a deal and as such delivers maximum value and return on investment when setting up contracts with suppliers of PR and marketing services. All round a great person to work with.”

Ian Addie, Client Services Director at Shopper Retail Insight

“John is a skilled marketer, with a fine attention to the detail of presentation and a very solid grasp of brand building. An extremely popular member of the team, John was instrumental in developing an identity for our global marketing department as well as fostering a strong sense of brand identity across the group. Adept at managing supplier and colleague alike, John was able to create outstanding results, often despite a tight budget or limited resources.”

Tim Knight, Senior Partner at Nunwood

“John’s passion and enthusiasm towards all elements of his work was incredibly infectious and had positive impact on all around him. Highly driven, John played a key role in building the Nunwood brand and had a positive influence on Nunwood’s standing within the industry.”

Richard Walker, Director at Mustard

“John worked for me in the early days during our time together in Montreal. He creates an enjoyable working environment to be in. His customers loved him and as a key team member of the group he was self-driven and consistently made his budget targets.”

Graeme Dunn, Technology Investment Advisor


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