The importance of reputation when negotiating

The ability to negotiate effectively depends on many core ingredients, however, one of the most important is your reputation and how you are perceived by your suppliers and peers.

What does this mean?

It is very important that when developing relationships with your key contacts and suppliers, you do not breach their trust. A good negotiator is not someone who gets a fantastic deal once, but someone who through their ability to develop honest and sound relationships can deliver the maximum benefit for their organisations on a consistent basis.

If you have managed to agree a package with your supplier, always deliver what you promised, as this failure will come back to haunt you in the future, as reputation is everything.

I always enter a negotiation with a clear understanding of what I want and what I will be happy to agree to, and will always deliver on my end.

If you become known as someone that can’t be trusted or who always fails to deliver on a promise – you will find it impossible to succeed at anything.

If you would like to further develop your negotiation skills, I will be running a training workshop in Leeds on Tuesday 24th February – get in touch if you are interested.


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